How do I navigate this blog?

It's simple - Use the search engine on the right. Type in any topics or keywords you are looking for. The search result will appear instantly on the left, where the blog posts normally are. To close the search results, click on the [X] located on the left of the search box. Or, if you prefer, you can use the menu above to choose the category of the posts you are interested in. To get an idea of the kinds of information available on this blog, scroll down and check out the labels on the right.

How do I leave a comment?

I love comments! Please let me know what you think about my blog and my blog posts. Click on "Leave a comment" link located right below every blog post. Then, scroll down and type your message in the comment box. Now here's the trick: If you do NOT want to leave your name, choose the bottom option that says "Anonymous" in the "Comment As" drop-down menu right below the comment box. If you want to leave your name, choose the second option from the bottom "Name/URL", then enter your name and press "Continue".

How do I use the accessibility features?

There are two types of accessibility features available on this blog to assist you with reading or listening to the blog posts. If you choose to read the blog posts, you may increase the text size using the "Increase Text Size" buttons on the right menu. If you choose to listen to the podcasts, you may either click on the "Listen" button located right below the post title or click on the "Odiogo" button on the right that says "Dorrie's Sight: Audio Version".

How do I subscribe to this blog?

Whether you want to subscribe to Dorrie's Sight using RSS feed, Facebook or Twitter, it's easy to do. The icons are located right above the search engine on the right. The first icon is Facebook, second one is Twitter, and the third icon is RSS. Choose the way you want to subscribe!

How do I share a blog post I like?

The options to share a particular blog post you like are located right below every post! Facebook, Twitter, Digg, email to a friend, print, bookmark.. whichever way you like! If you have a Facebook account and you like the post, the quickest way to express your appreciation and share the post is click on the "Like" button below the post.

How do I add you on Facebook or Twitter?

I post updates and thoughts that you don't see on this blog on Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to follow me! On the right of the menu bar above, there are 3 colored buttons. The first one is the Facebook button and the second one is the Twitter button. To follow me on Facebook, click the Facebook button above and then the "Like" button. To follow me on Twitter, click on the Twitter button above and click the "Follow" button.

Still having technical difficulties?

Leave a comment below and let me know. Report any problems you experience with this site. Be sure to tell me any suggestions you have!


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