Friday, January 13, 2012

That Was Easy!

On my desk sits an “Easy Button” (from Staples). It reminds me that when things are working well, they’re easy. This pertains to people, it pertains to process, and it pertains to technology.

Just imagine if you always had two choices -- the easy way -- or the hard way. Which would you take? Me, I’m opting for easy. I find way more satisfaction accomplishing a task without sweat and anxiety. I love a little Zen.

Tonight I hit the easy button, quite accidentally, while downloading a book on I have been buying audiobooks exclusively from the iTunes Store because they made it simple. I do not venture out looking for free or discounted titles because a cheaper book does not thrill me nearly as much as getting it on my iPod ASAP.

This summer I tried out the Kindle on my vacation at the beach. I loved the simplicity of downloading books on to the Kindle and I set up an account. The experience of reading (listening) to an audiobook on the Kindle was not nearly as good unfortunately. That is how I ended up with credits on Audible. I decided to step out of my comfort zone and figure out how to download books into iTunes from a source other then the iTunes Store.

I logged on to several times and could not figure out how to get my downloaded book into iTunes. There were many options, but not one that said simply “download to your ITunes library.” I even Googled “Download from Audible to iTunes” and the results made me dizzy.

So finally I broke down and called Audible’s technical support and got ready for the Tech who would start rattling off all the circuitous steps to the eventual resolution of my issue.

My Audible Tech told me first I’d have to download some software by going to the very bottom of the webpage and clicking on an obscure little “Software” option. I did that and he asked me if I was on a PC or Mac. I said, “Mac” and he said, “Oh, you don’t need the software, just go to the “My Library” tab and click the “Download” button the title you want. Now Open iTunes.”

iTunes opened and my book started to read. That was easy!! With just two clicks I was reminded how technology is supposed to be -- intuitive. I was also reminded why I love my iMac!!

It is no coincidence that the book I downloaded is Walter Issacson’s biography “Steve Jobs.”