Friday, June 4, 2010

No Comment

For almost a year now, I’ve been engaged in a digital dialogue with a gentleman who goes by the initials “GM.” We began our conversation around the time I started to write this blog. He once commented, early on, in the “Comment” field, but generally he likes to comment via email.

GM was not pleased with my post last week titled, “The Easy Button,” in which I ask why the majority of comments about topics discussed on this blog come to me via email, instead of using the comment field (accessed right under the post being commented on).

Here is what he wrote…

“Dorrie, you blew it big time.

First, there is no obvious way to respond via comments. You have to mouse over the quote zero comments unquote link before it reveals itself as a link. Click on it and you are taken to the box.

Second, who wants to put up with all that registration business. I have a Google account but it never works the first time. An email is far easier than commenting to get through to you. It’s only disadvantage is not knowing that you read it.”

My reply to GM…

“This is why comments are so important…I learn something from you…and get to share with others.

Now that you mention it, the steps to submit a comment on my blog are not very clear. The first couple of times I tried it, it was rather confusing. Once I figured it out and posted a few times, I lost touch with the fact that everyone else may experience the same difficulty. And, come to think of it, I often have trouble myself, when I attempt to comment on another blog.

I’m going to see what I can do to improve this, but meanwhile let me give you the steps, below, to posting a comment. There is no registration necessary, you can comment as Anonymous, or simply put your name (or an alias) in the Name/URL box (No URL is necessary, just a name, any name will suffice).

To post comment:

1. Below blog post click “Comments”

2. Type message into comment box

3. Go to “Comment as” and select “Name/URL” from drop down box.

4. Enter name (real or nickname), click continue. Your email address will not publish.

5. Click “Post Comment.”

It’s really easier than it looks.

Thanks GM, I learned something – perhaps you did too!

The ongoing conversation with GM is exactly the conversation I hoped to have established by now on this blog. It just wound up happening mostly in my inbox.

When we use email to comment on a blog, it’s like whispering in someone’s ear. No more secrets --- let’s tell everyone the good (and not so good) stuff we know about accessible technology.

Many of you, like my friend GM, have great questions and thought-provoking comments. Why would we want to keep it to ourselves?

Go ahead --- put it in the comment box. No need to whisper in my ear.