Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Verizon Comes to the Party

Yesterday Verizon made an honest woman of me, finally. I was beginning
to doubt my certainty that Verizon would get the iPhone when AT&T's
exclusive expired. Over and over I assured Verizon customers unwilling to switch wireless carriers (as I did) that the iPhone was coming to Verizon - for sure!

It was surprising that many Verizon customers were more attached
emotionally than contractually. Even in the face of the most popular
mobile phone in the world becoming fully accessible to people with
impaired vision - many customers of Verizon would not budge. It was not
as if they had a viable option -- In terms of accessibility no other
mobile phone comes close.

Last January I began stating with pure certitude that Verizon's iPhone
was imminent. When the first quarter of 2010 came and went I
repositioned my prediction into Q2. By the third quarter I was so sure I
was ready to bet money on it. Then in the fourth quarter I realized my
best bet was to shut my mouth.

Disillusioned, I consulted my reliable sources at Apple and at Verizon -
their lips were sealed. Clearly I had been outsmarted by Apple's wildly successful no-hype approach to all launches - SWEAR EVERYONE TO SECRECY!

So I stopped offering my predictions on the coming of the iPhone to Verizon and I told myself to not to be so sure of things I am not sure of.

And then the announcement comes - Verizon is indeed coming to the party!!

The news not only pleased me immensely, it also put a "spring" in Jon Stewart's step, as he too apparently had been anxiously awaiting another iPhone option. For his hilarious tribute to AT&T on the Daily Show click here.