Thursday, September 24, 2009

Share The LIKE

I want to hear from You!

Last week, hundreds of you joined us for LITE 2009, Lighthouse International Technology Expo, showcasing a variety of accessible tech items, designed to make life a little easier, for people with impaired vision.

I, like you, am seeking information, and my best resource, always, is people, passing the word. I have a long list of tips from others, and I always hope to repay the favor, by passing it forward, sharing it with another..

I’ll kick off the sharing with my biggest “LIKE” from LITE 2009 – Universal Access. Wickopedia’s definition: Universal access refers to the ability of all people to have equal opportunity and access to a service or product from which they can benefit... (read more). Certainly not a new concept, but somewhat of an emerging movement in accessible technology, driven by the massive ageing population, which I am delighted to be advantaged by.

This is the stuff my dreams are made of. LITE presentations by Apple and Google representing their passion and commitment to Universal Access. Their success proven by the fact that I use many of their products every day; iPod, iPhone, Google Accessible Web Search, Gmail, Blogger, Goog411.

Now it’s your turn to “share the like.”

What did you like at LITE?

Did you find what you were looking for?