Saturday, November 27, 2010

Too Many Messages

There is TMI (Too Much Information) and then there is TMM (Too Many Messages). TMI is when someone shares with you a personal detail about themselves that you wish they hadn’t. TMM is when you have too many open channels on which messages are sent to you and you just can’t manage them all.

Have you noticed that messages do not get answered as swiftly as they used to --- if at all. Why are we experiencing more and more lost emails, unanswered voice mail, unread text messages? In an age of constant contact --- our connection often seems completely unreliable. How many times have you asked (or been asked) in an exasperated tone, “Did you get my message?!!”

We know that digital messages can destroy relationships and wreck careers. It seems they can also do a fair amount of damage when they are not retrieved. Even a nonresponse has the ability to conjure up devastating scenarios in our heads that may have no basis in fact whatsoever.

Did I send the message to the wrong person? Is she mad at me? Was it something I said? Did they find my message disturbing? Have I offended him?

It happens, messages slip through the cracks. I have 3 email addresses, 3 different voice mail accounts, and add on that text messages. This is probably pretty average these days. I don’t check everything every day and miss a message here and there and I have been especially negligent with my FaceBook and Twitter accounts. I apologize.

Obviously, we all need to learn to manage our messages more efficiently. In this environment it is no wonder people are not getting back to us. The lack of response to your message may not be personal at all – it’s probably just TMM.