Thursday, May 7, 2009

Simply Jitterbug

On more than one occasion, I have overheard a frustrated customer in a cell phone store asking for “an uncomplicated phone for sending and receiving calls, that’s all, no cameras, no music, just calls!” Well, have I got a phone for you! the Jitterbug cell phone was designed for simplicity and marketed to baby boomers (and their parents). I am told constantly how simple some electronic or tech device is to use – nine out of ten times, it’s not true. The Jitterbug’s simplicity, however, I can vouch for. This is a phone that really takes the angst out. This phone does come with a little something extra. Imagine calling the Jitterbug Operator for help in setting up your phone book and learning how to use the phone. No need to read pages and pages of a user’s manual to figure out the obvious, because all the features are obvious. The keypad is high contrast and very tactile. Voice dialing as easy as it gets. The screen is big and bright, and the phone book comes up in large, clean type. We’re not at all surprised that the Jitterbug is great for people who are visually impaired because that darling Jitterbug Operator is always standing by to get you where you want to go, with just the push of the O. This is a concept that I am wild about, wish I had a Jitterbug Operator for everything, don’t you? Jitterbug is not carried by any of the usual suspects; its service provider is Great Call Inc., Jitterbug’s parent company. You will not find Jitterbug everywhere, but you will find it here in the Lighthouse Store (111 East 60 Street, NYC Ph: (212)821-9687). It sells for $149 plus a one-time activation charge of $35 and service plans begin at $10. And I hear Jitterbug will soon make text messaging easy too. (You know you want to). Go ahead, take the step…simplify.

Does simplicity interest you?