Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In A Nano

Could not be more pleased that it is Apple’s “Vision” to so boldly embrace the concept of universal accessibility ….great for people who cannot see so good, better for everyone. In fact, their symbol for Universal Access, a figure with open arms, is clearly about inclusion. At this point, having an iPod is sort of like having a computer…you just do, and you may even have a couple. I received my first iPod, a gift, all set up and ready to go. I was taught (patiently) to navigate the menus which, for the most part, I could barely see. Having mastered the art of navigating in the dark, I happily joined the ranks of millions of iPod music lovers and audio book readers. And then, last September, enter the iPod nano (4th generation) with the life-changing option: spoken menus (and the very recent release of the iPod shuffle with voice over). This took me from happiness to heaven! Could literally find an artist, album, song in seconds --- click, scroll, click --- hearing what I don’t see, every step of the way. Actually, now it feels like I do see. I highly recommend the experience. Good for everyone, don’t you agree?