Thursday, April 4, 2013

I Need Clarity

I am no different than most of my peers -- I need magnification. Today we just expect it. We enlarge the fonts in our phones, we zoom the screens of our computers, we pinch up to make things bigger on our touch screens. It’s not a special feature anymore, it’s pure necessity.

How I would love to have a stylish little magnifying glass hanging from my key chain or tucked into my clutch. But now, I opt for power over pretty, never quite sure why I can’t have both. My magnifiers today are digital – and although you cannot get these at Prada – you can only get them at Prada prices.

After resisting for a while, I succumbed. I found a magnifier I like so much – I got two. It fits in my pocket (when most others don’t). I can see just about everything that I could not see without it. I like it so much you’d think it was designed by Miuccia herself.

My magnifier is called the “Compact mini” by Optelec.. It works really well for me (and everyone else I’ve recommended it to). But still, I found myself wishing for one thing that could make it even better – an app for my iPhone. The idea is far from original. There are plenty of magnifying and zoom apps available for iPhone. Unfortunately, I have yet to find one that actually works the way my “Compact mini” does.

Imagine my delight, several weeks ago when I received an email informing me that Optelec made my dream come true. Sort of.

I downloaded the Optelec app immediately into my iPhone. I tapped to open the app and soon realized this one doesn’t work either! There is no focus – it never gets clear.

On Sunday, in the supermarket, I realized I did not have my “Compact mini” – so I gave the Optelec app another try. Sorry to report – it was useless…just terrible.

If I can’t count on Optelec for clarity…who can I count on?


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